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Alistair Ford

WP2 Lead

Alistair Ford


Dr Alistair Ford's research is focussed on the provision of tools and models to aid decision-makers in understanding the impacts of climate change. His research explores direct and indirect impacts of climate events on city systems to better understand the true costs of future climate change to urban areas, and the integration and linking of data, processes, concepts, and typologies from multiple fields.

Alistair is passionate about increasing awareness and engagement around climate change. He has delivered courses to local governments and consultancies involved in climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts, and worked with companies like Cap-a-Pie and the Life Science Centre on projects raising public awareness of climate-related research.

Alistair has been a member of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research since 2006, and has worked as Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, and Research Associate on many multi-disciplinary projects funded by UKRI, the European Commission, and government.

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Lecturer in Geospatial Data Analytics and Policy Academy Fellow


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