Our Work

Our Vision and Mission

Resilience and decarbonisation of the transport sector are subjects that generally co-exist but have seldom been brought together and explored in a systematic and integrated way.

For our transport system to evolve and meet the challenges it faces now, and in the future, we must explore the dual challenge of decarbonising transport infrastructures whilst ensuring increased resilience to the known and anticipated effects of climate change. The DARe Hub will strive to redress this for transport, whilst also recognising transport infrastructure does not sit in a silo and that critical interactions, particularly with energy and communications infrastructure, need to be better understood and mapped together.

The DARe Hub’s vision is for climate resilient, net zero development of the transport system to be guided by systems analysis. Through the integration of a range of models, decision makers will have access to data that tells them how transport is performing against resilience, decarbonisation, and other objectives, now and in the future. DARe will deliver systems models that help to pinpoint vulnerabilities and quantify the risks of failure, enabling users to perform ‘what if’ analysis of proposed investments and to stress-test possible scenarios for the major uncertainties that will determine the performance of future transport systems, such as population growth, new materials and technologies, and climate change. Working together with partners, DARe will co-create pathways and solutions for developing and delivering a resilient, net zero transport system that works for all, by 2050.

DARe’s mission is to take a system-of-systems led approach to the dual challenge of decarbonising transport infrastructures whilst ensuring increased resilience, recognising and addressing challenges at the three distinct but critically interlinked levels of national, regional, and local. The DARe Hub will also consider and demonstrate wider impacts and benefits arising from rethinking transport systems and deliver insights on how governance and policy can drive these changes. Working closely with our Project Partners from across the transport sector, the DARe Hub will create an impactful, integrated programme of research and demonstration, to deliver tools that enable stakeholders to design, develop, and deliver the transport system of the future.

Research programme

DARe’s overall ambition is to co-create a set of infrastructure, socio-economic, and climate storylines of possible futures with our Project Partners, to describe possible pathways to a decarbonised transport infrastructure that is resilient and adaptable, and to stress-test their resilience across scales using a suite of combined land use, climate, and transport modelling tools.

1: Co-creating climate resilient development pathways for a net zero transport system.

Work Package 1 delivers the co-created transport futures storylines which shape the research activities of the Hub. These storylines will be developed to stress-test solutions across the three spatial scales, contextualised by the systems-of-systems interactions between transport-power-digital critical infrastructures.

2: Models, tools, and frameworks

Work Package 2 provides a new, transferrable open-source modelling framework that will be co-developed with and made available to the wider transport community and be applicable nationwide. DARe brings a unique expertise in local climate modelling and will be able to provide insights into resilience challenges for different locations.

3: Infrastructure, systems performance, and transitions

Work Package 3 addresses the physical implications for infrastructure assets and how their climate-perturbed performance will impact lifetime management.

4: Wider benefits and transformative transitions

Work Package 4 provides insights into the wider implications and real-world impacts of the developed transport futures storylines, considering policy, socio-economic, behavioural, and land use planning aspects.

Working with the UK Department for Transport, Project Partners, and the wider research community, the DARe Hub will develop research that covers the breadth of cross-disciplinary challenges and opportunities facing the transport sector.

Context is critical to transport solutions, and throughout each aspect there will be a focus on deliverable solutions that can be applied to the full range of contexts and scales across the UK, from streetscapes up to national transport systems.