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MATSim User Meeting 2024: The use of MATSim for transport simulations and mobility

David Alvarez Castro from the DARe team shares some of the latest innovations presented at the MATSim User Meeting 2024

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DARe to Travel Slowly

Dr Alistair Ford shares his experience of travelling in a low-carbon way for the annual EGU conference, all the way from London to Vienna by train.

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DARe’s Second Stakeholder Co-Creation Workshop

The DARe Hub held the second in a series of Stakeholder Co-Creation Workshops in York, bringing together over 60 DARe Project Partners, team members, and funders to discuss how we get to the ideal, net zero UK transport system of the future.


An interview with… Dr Sam Cocking

Dr Sam Cocking from the DARe Hub team shares why he got into structural engineering, what a typical day on DARe looks like, and his advice for fellow researchers.

25 April 2024

DARe Hub Building Narratives with Second Stakeholder Workshop

At our second Co-Creation Stakeholder Workshop the DARe Hub brought over 60 participants together to discuss how we get to the UK transport system of the future.

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Webinar – From Data to Decarbonisation

DARe team members and partners hold a panel discussion on how we harness the power of data to guide us towards a net zero future

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Driving the Future: Accelerating the UK’s Zero Emission Transition

A roundtable discussion featuring speakers who provide insights into critical aspects of the UK's journey towards zero-emission road transport