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Abir Al-Tabbaa

Co-Investigator, EDI Lead

Abir Al-Tabbaa


Professor Al-Tabbaa’s research revolves around the development, testing and application of technologies and materials in civil & environmental engineering for intelligent, sustainable and low carbon future infrastructure and built environment

This includes ground improvement, land remediation, low carbon cementitious materials, carbon capture and sequestration, intelligent biomimetic infrastructure systems, self-healing and self-sensing materials, ground improvement, land remediation and waste treatment and reuse. Her work covers the whole spectrum of infrastructure materials from soils to concrete. She is the author of over 200 journal papers and over 200 conference papers, 2 books and 6 book chapters.

Professor Al-Tabbaa’s work comprises several strategic themes including Energy, transport and urban infrastructure, Manufacturing, design and materials, Bioengineering, and Complex, resilient and intelligent systems. Professor Al-Tabbaa is particularly interested in Intelligent infrastructure materials, Soil Mix technology, and Data mining, mapping, modelling and management.


Climate-related impacts on the management of transport networks – how climate change will change planning, management and operational demands.

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