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Ali Abbas

Senior Data Scientist

Ali Abbas


Ali is a Senior Data Scientist and a public-health/transport modeller. He is interested in active travel, specifically cycling research.

He has extensive modelling experience spanning complexity science, computer science and sociology in general. In particular, he is well versed in individual-based modelling such as microsimulation and agent-based modelling; focussing on Health Impact Assessment (HIA). He also has extensive programming experience.

He is interested in developing good understandings for an environment friendly and sustainable transport system with a positive impact on public health. He is an advocate of open and reproducible research.


Management and leadership of the development of an open-source modelling framework for the exploration of net-zero and resilient future transport scenarios. Within WP2, my main focus is to develop a good understanding of existing models and come up with their integration into the modelling framework.

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Senior Data Scientist, Public Health Monitoring Group

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MRC Epidemiology Unit
University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
Clifford Allbutt Building
Cambridge Biomedical Campus