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David Alvarez Castro

Research Assistant

David Alvarez Castro


David’s background is in Survey Engineering, Geodesy and Geospatial Data Science.

David is a member of the Geospatial System CDT funded by UKRI EPSRC, and he is currently developing a transport Agent-Based Model (ABM) of the Tyne and Wear region to estimate the efficiency of different urban mobility policies to reduce the number of polluting vehicles on the road in favour of active modes.

David’s research interests revolve around the road decarbonisation for a more sustainable and resilient transport future. He is keen on increasing the use of active modes by developing transport mobility scenarios using open-source tools and open access datasets for an open and reliable research


David is involved in reviewing different transport strategy plans for a decarbonised and resilient transport sector. The goal is to identify and critique the use of different datasets, tools, methodologies, and objectives in those plans and find synergies and common goals between them

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