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Philip Greening

Co-Investigator, WP1 Lead, WP2 Lead

Philip Greening


Professor Greening is the Director of two Research Centres: The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight and the Centre for Logistics and Sustainability. These two research centres define Professor Greening’s research focus.

Professor Greening’s work spans many research approaches (including corporate case studies, roadmap development, and traditional logistics modelling), but his greatest interest is in the development of large-scale high fidelity, self-organising models, more commonly recognized as digital twins, or virtual worlds, which facilitate the exploration of disruptive innovation impact.

Current research has focused on the energy and operational impact of the electrification of logistics, using large scale virtual models of 4 major cities across Europe. These self-organizing models are being used to explore the policy-technology space to develop robust system design. Ultimately it is planned to use the same models to develop resilient systems.

Professor Greening is particularly interested in agent-based modelling, self-organisation, sustainability, logistics, supply chain, operational research, climate change, environment and energy.


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Director of the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight and the Centre for Logistics and Sustainability


School of Social Sciences
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