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Sripriya Rengaraju

Research Associate

Sripriya Rengaraju


Dr Sripriya Rengaraju is a Senior Research Associate (SRA) in Professor Abir Al-Tabba's research group.

She is currently working on developing innovative solutions to achieve low carbon in the built environment, focusing on overall technology integration and sustainability. In particular, she is researching and implementing novel sensor technologies and structural health monitoring techniques to enable smarter, more responsive maintenance and management of roads. Additionally, she is focusing extensively on the sustainability and corrosion resistance of road materials and construction from a life cycle perspective. This consists of assessing novel pavement mixtures not just for environmental footprint but also for corrosion prevention properties, developing solutions to incorporate self-healing materials and recycled materials while maintaining anticorrosion performance, as well as quantifying long-term durability alongside net zero emission goals.

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Senior Research Associate in Advanced Materials for Intelligent Cement-based Infrastructure


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