Why transport resilience matters

A worn rural road has collapsed and cracked

DARe Hub Director, Professor Phil Blythe CBE, joined CIHT colleagues for an episode of “Transport Talks”, to discuss why climate change resilience has not received much attention so far when compared to efforts to reduce carbon emissions, and why it is crucial for the future.

Recent extreme weather events have posed new challenges to the transport sector and the topic of resilience has started to become of interest among policy makers and practitioners. Moreover, after the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have all learnt how important it is to be ready for unexpected events.

"I think one of the... lessons from the pandemic is that it made politicians and the public themselves realise how important transport was because... transport, in a way, has always been an afterthought, its just there and when it's not there [because it was not safe to travel]… people understood the impacts"

Professor Phil Blythe