Co-creation Stakeholder Workshop One

Event Information

  • Location:
    Urban Innovation Centre, London, EC1R 0BE
  • Date and Time:
    Wednesday 22 November 10.00am

To kick-start the work within the DARe Hub we are conducting a rapid assessment of the decarbonisation and resilience challenges to current transport systems and infrastructures, identifying governance, policy and behavioural dimensions and gaps, to inform research priorities.

Based upon these identified challenges, Work Package 1 of DARe will develop the co-created transport futures ‘storylines’ which shape the research activities of the Hub, and will develop the storylines to stress-test solutions across spatial scales, contextualised by the systems-of-systems interactions between transport-power-digital critical infrastructures.

This Workshop will bring together DARe team members and representatives of DARe’s partner organisations from local, regional, and national government, transport authorities, and industry supply chain members.

We look forward to you all helping to shape the challenges and direction of the DARe Hub’s focus at this first meeting.