DARe Host First Stakeholder Co-Creation Workshop

A mixed group of people sat around a table hold a discussion during an event. Other groups of people sat at tables are visible behind.

“We’re here to deliver on a real challenge for the whole of the UK.”

The DARe Hub has been established to help the UK government and transport sector tackle the challenge of decarbonising our transport systems and making them more resilient to climate change.

At its core the Hub is just that – a central point that brings together people, knowledge, and experience from across the transport sector, including leading UK universities, and diverse industry, government, and civic partners. “The Hub is a pathfinder, connecting the dots between different silos and aspects of the transport system.” – Annette Pass, Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Transport (DfT).

Throughout the project, we will work together with our Project Partners and funders to deliver co-created research that helps plot viable pathways and solutions for delivering a resilient, net zero transport system that works for all.

Before we can begin to explore potential solutions, we first need to understand the detail of the challenges the transport sector is facing. To begin shaping our storylines, we brought over 50 people together for the first in a series of Co-Creation Workshops, at the premises of Hub partner Connected Places Catapult.

A mixed group of people sit around a high table making notes during a discussion.

During the workshop participants explored the individual and common issues they are dealing with, what it is they need, and how they think the DARe Hub can help address those issues. Some of the key issues the transport sector is facing are ageing infrastructure, increasing climate variability and extreme weather events, and a lack of tools and data. Workshop participants highlighted that there is a lack of data, for instance, covering whether it is best to adapt existing infrastructure, or to replace it altogether.

DARe’s overall ambition is to co-create a set of infrastructure, socio-economic, and climate storylines of possible futures with our Project Partners, to describe possible pathways to a decarbonised transport infrastructure that is resilient and adaptable, and to stress-test their resilience across scales using a suite of combined land use, climate, and transport modelling tools.

Our series of Co-Creation Workshops will play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of these storylines by helping the Hub gather direct input and feedback from transport representatives.

The next Co-Creation Workshop will take place on 11 March 2024 in York. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more or are interested in attending this event:

“We need to reimagine our future, and we need the right tools to do that. The Hub is important for giving us the tools and models that allow us to begin to understand how our transport systems are impacting our targets. Transport systems are important to quality of life, and we want to make sure we’re working at an optimum level for our residents.”

Dan Clarke, Greater Cambridge Partnership