Co-creation Stakeholder Workshop Two

Event Information

  • Location:
    Principal York Hotel, York
  • Date and Time:
    Monday 11 March 10.00am

This second Co-Creation Workshop will enable the DARe Hub to develop a series of stress testing scenarios for transport infrastructures which may need addressing in the next 30+ years, in terms of climate change impacts, decarbonisation, and changes in demand and travel choices. 

At the Workshop, participants will be asked to give feedback on DARe’s assessment of different transport roadmaps, discuss the most critical challenges, and help create a systems-level view of the key issues that our transport systems will need to be resilient against. 

The Workshop will be attended by DARe team members (senior academics and researchers), DARe funders, and representatives of DARe’s partner organisations from local, regional, and national government, transport authorities, and industry supply chain members.  

If you are interested in attending this event, please get in touch